Water treatment Chemicals

Chemicals that are used are for instance sodium chloride, potassium chloride, citric acid and chlorine dioxide

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Agro Chemicals

Chemicals  used in agriculture. In most cases, agrichemical refers to pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides.

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Industrial Chemicals

Chemicals like Soda Ash (Light & Dense ) Sodium Bicarbonate which which are used in manufacturing of detergents and washing powders,glasses and in pharma and food industries.

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IMEX India is a leading name in the Chemicals Trading area in India, We trade in a wide range of industry and specialize in the trading of  Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Bulk-drugs, Agrochemical, Dyestuff, Paints, Polymer, Adhesive industries, Lubricants, Plastics, Rubber, Oil Exploration, and Many more.

We serve and represent world renowned Chemical Makers and reputed brands , Suppliers and Importers. We offer highest quality chemicals according your specific requirements.

Vision and Mission : Our Vision is to become the fastest growing Industrial Chemical trading company ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction , superior service quality and complain resolution. 'Customer First' is the core mantra of our Management Team.


Coveted customers : Bharat Ophthalmic, Bengal Opthalmic, Tata Chemicals, Prakash Chemical, Nirma Chemicals.

Awards won : 'Most promising Trading company' awarded by 'Indian Chemical Trader's association in 2016

History  :  Stared by 5 committed and talented entrepreneur's IMEX India has diversified in many different fields and have become one of Gujrat's top 5 Chemical Trading companies in recent year's. With re- newed capital infusion and expansion of office facilities in many location in Western India IMEX is poised to serve it's customer's more often than before.



Getting in touch

If you are an interested buyer or seller and like our product portfolio kindly express your Area of Interest, Product you want to 'Buy' or 'Sell' and send to amexindia@iiftindia.co.in. Our Sales representative will get in touch with you withing 24 working hours